DDoS Protection Infrastructure in Germany DC

DDoS Protection

Realiable DDoS Protection on Network and Application Layer. Fully self developed, based on years of know how and Solarflare Open Onload.
As one of the few providers on the market, we`ve started in 2015 with developing our ddos protection. Today, we run a highly advanced and dependable protection solution. Our anti-ddos infrastructure is built up on multiple mitigation layers. Bad traffic is filtered and reduced over several scrubbing layers, finally it gets filtered by the last member in our filtration chain. Beside typical scenarios like TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, GRE and other network based floods, our solution handles also Layer7 attacks which aim to overhelm your application with malicious request floods.


Activation in sensor mode during 30 seconds
Permanent mitigation cost free activatable
Optimized for Webservers, Gameservers and Voiceservers
Redundant and fail-safe cluster setup in each location
Monitoring of the whole infrastructure in order to react quickly during bad conditions
Individual modifications against additional charges shortly implementable
No reselling of rigid or unspecific protection solutions from third parties
We develope, maintain and optimize our infrastructure constantly according to actual conditions

Techinal Details

Mitigation of attacks up to 250Gbit / 370mpps or 1.500.000 HTTP Requests
Multi-Layer filtration over Upstreams, Edge Routers, Layer3/4 Filter and Layer7 Filter
Filter-Capacity of 10Gbit / 14,8mpps or 500.000 HTTP Requests per DDoS Filter Appliance
Operation of multiple filter appliances on each point of presence, highly available cluster functionality
Transparent integration in our network infrastructure, no manual intervention required for activation
Consistent selection of capacitively outstanding established Upstreams in order to avoid bottlenecks Edge Routing wise

How it works?